Alarming depletion of our mangrove

Mangroves are a particular ecosystems we can encounter in wetlands of certain tropical coastal areas. Mangroves are areas which link up continent and ocean. In Benin, this kind of ecosystem are localized between “Bouche du Roy” (Grand Popo) and Togbin (Abomey-Calavi). But in olden days it cover all Benin’s coastal area. In fact with population growth in Cotonou, large mangrove areas have been destroyed and this pressure are persistent. In 1992, Benin’s mangroves areas was estimated to be equal to 3 000 hectares. Today, this surface is greatly scaled-down. We have to make a conservation strategy to overcome this tremendous and sad extinction.

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Mangrove #2'

Mangrove (Rhizophora racemosa) forest


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